Sample WebMaestro Sites

(View the sites to see UI and configuration options.)

Demo Site: This is our default demo site that shows many but not all of the most significant UI features in WebMaestro. This include a collapsed auction catalog, custom header logo, etc.
The NOAH Center: This site is more colorful than the demo site. This site uses the Auction Home Page. It also has a page background image and a sponsors slideshow.
Hydro Museum Annual Gala: This site uses the Classic Home Page demonstrating a Featured Items Display slideshow, a Fund-An-Item goal progress thermometer, and embedded videos in Home Page Right.
Big Brothers Big Sisters: This Classic Home Page exhibits a collapsable auction catalog with rotating sponsor images below. A background image decoratively frames the homepage.
Japan-America Society: A festive site featuring an expanded auction catalog and an instructional Home Page Left. A progress thermometer and distinguishing sponsors column in Home Page Right balances the layout.
Monsoon Madness Mudder!: A Peer-to-Peer Classic Home Page with an informative Home Page Left and a streamlined use of the catalog.
Flower Sale: A unique use of WebMaestro. The Auction Home Page layout along with the catalog enables the merchandise sales of a plant nursery.